You Need A Trusted Firm Behind You

Being charged with a crime can turn your life upside down. And we understand that it can be a difficult and sometimes scary process. Because of the complexity of the criminal justice system, hiring a lawyer is the best thing you can do to protect yourself if this has happened to you. Whether you are charged with driving under the influence (DUII) or a serious felony and you are facing a prison sentence, we have decades of criminal defense experience and a history of positive results in the courtroom. We will not allow you to be bullied or take a deal you do not agree to. If we cannot resolve your case through negotiation, we will go to trial, at your request.


Driving under the influence in Oregon, whether alcohol or drugs, carries a minimum jail sentence, even for first-time convictions, with serious financial penalties. Defending yourself against a DUII charge requires a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of DUII law. We will guide you through the process, from the arrest to legal resolution in court. We will even handle the DMV suspension hearings that can significantly affect your case.

Drug Crimes

You may have been charged with simple possession or you may face more serious delivery charges. We are experienced working on marijuana cases, methamphetamine cases, heroin cases, cocaine cases, and all types of prescription drug cases. We prioritize knowing the most recent court decisions so that we can offer you the best legal defense.

Sex Abuse

Sexual Abuse, Rape, Sodomy, and Internet Sex Crimes are often Ballot Measure 11 offenses that carry minimum prison sentences of 70 to 100 months. If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime, a lawyer can mean the difference between your freedom and long-term incarceration. Our firm has successfully handled thousands of Sex Abuse cases, many of them trial victories.


Theft, Forgery, and Identity Theft are being aggressively prosecuted in Oregon, due in part to Ballot Measure 57. We meet the prosecution with equal force and conviction. We work hard to reduce sentences and resolve matters outside the court. If the prosecution will not negotiate, we will prepare for trial, at your request.


Many types of Assault charges can result in six-to-eight-year prison sentences. Others may be Domestic Violence or spousal dispute charges that carry significant penalties if convicted as well, including heavy financial obligations. Our firm has defended these types of charges in thousands of cases, often at trial. The secret to securing a successful result is preparation. We will not be outworked, and we will carefully counsel you at every step of your case.


You may be eligible to erase your criminal conviction through a process called expungement (also known as expunction). We have helped hundreds of individuals say “I have no criminal record.” If you have any convictions and are unsure of whether you qualify for expungement, contact us and schedule a free consultation.


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